Moza's Kitchen

Unlock the secrets of healthy eating with delicious home-cooked recipes designed for those with hectic schedule.

- Moza Al suwaidi




How it works

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Choose your meals by item, without the need for a subscribtion. We're flexible! Select from a variety of plant-based, chef-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

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Put 5 meals in your box, and you will be covered for a week.

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Fast delivery all across the U.A.E straight to your doorstep.

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Store in your freezer. No chopping, cooking, or cleanup. Ready in just 7 minutes in the microwave or 3 minutes in the airfyer.

Moza, your knowledgeable Emirati Food Coach and wellness expert, has joined forces with Fatbroccoli to offer you a tantalizing experience that combines the flavorful Emirati cuisine with incredible health benefits.