Convenience wherever we are is a necessity for our generation, busy lifestyles and culinary tastes. Fatbroccoli solutions offer home cooked meals by shrinking time for waiting of a healthy meal and offering spaces & sales point everywhere around you.

Upright -18°C Freezer

Full window glass display door with anti-fog technology and energy efficiency, It is designed to reduce compressor run time. This freezer maximizes product visibility and accessibility, and it includes Vivid LED lighting that enhances at night the appeal of our displayed products for increased high impulse sales.

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Client: The Warehouse Gym

The best Gym in Dubai for crossfit, boxing, general fitness and much more.

First client to adopt our solutions. Fatbroccoli offering upright freezers and delicious healthy, ready-to-go frozen meals packed with nutrients and with a shelf life of one year stored in the freezer. Expanding into 9 of WHgym premium locations in the U.A.E

With this solution, the gym was able to offer meals on-the-go, with a wide variety of selection. Gym members will have the ability to create their own meal plans and grab 7 meals for 7 days to store in their freezer at home. Alternatively, heat in the microwave at the gym's juice bar for quick protein and calorie intake.

Self-Service Vending Machine

With our Fatbroccoli frozen vending machines, hot meals can be served anywhere you are:

In the office, at the gym 🏋️, university or at the hospital.

Even when you are on the go, our vending machines are at your nearest stops:

🚇 Traveling using the metro

⛽ At the petrol station

✈️ At the airport before catching your flight

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The first hot food Vending Machine in the U.A.E

Vending machine with healthy FatBroccoli frozen ready meals rolled out in Dubai’s The Warehouse Gym prepared to ‘heat-and-eat’ in 3 minutes, protein-rich meals available for gym’s members and guests 

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Vending Machine Information

How does it work?

Fatbroccoli vending machines have been thought and designed for the storage and delivery of pre-cooked frozen meals. After the meal is chosen, selected and heated, the dish is served to the consumer.

All the operations take place without the food coming into contact with the outside, ensuring a perfect hygiene while keeping all the freshness of the meal.

Does it have a storage unit?

The vending machine is equipped with an insulated storage unit that safely preserves the stocked meals. It has a built-in freezer that keeps food stored inside under -18°C.

How many meals fit in the vending machine?

There is 60 compartments, that can fit different meals. The storage of the meals is safe and the temperature can be continuously monitored by a specific online management program, through PC, tablet or smartphone.

How can I choose my meal?

Thanks to an intuitive screen, customers can easily choose the meal hey want to eat only with a simple touch. The chosen meal passes from the insulated storage unit to our special microwave oven integrated in the vending machine.

How can I pay?

Fatbroccoli vending machines have specific payment system integrated, like no other. A sleek, contactless card reader gives the consumer a convenient cashless payment experience.

While consumers complete transactions quickly, operators access a world of operational benefits and insights. In a device packed with powerful capabilities including contactless, NFC, and QR payments, telemetry, marketing tools, and remote machine management.

Does the machine heat food inside?

Each vending machine is equipped with a special commercial microwave oven built inside. It is different than the microwave we have at home, as it can heat food in under 3 minutes due to the strong power intensity of the microwave and settings that can be customized to valorize the peculiarity and flavor of each dish. Important to note that the machine have the option to offer you frozen food for take-away as well, without heating option.

Can I play advertising on the screen?

On the touch screen, our Fatbroccoli vending machines show product information and, while waiting for the meal, they play commercials that can be fully customized for your brand or space offering.

Can I use the machine with another product?

It takes up to 3 months to develop and customize vending machines. Fatbroccoli vending machines are specifically tailored for our trays measurements. Each of our products have a barcode that indicates the item and is identified by the vending machine display software. Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate different products to be sold in the machine.