Fatbroccoli Concept

“Start-up company Fatbroccoli steering the future of ready-to-eat food”

- Alkhaleej NEWS

Frozen for convenience

Versatile to warm up, and ready in minutes

Deliciously good

Outstanding taste

Fatbroccoli offers home-inspired ready meals with global cuisine. With a freezer shelf life of one year, they provide convenience and quality.

Fatbroccoli presents chef-crafted convenience food, made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. Healthy gourmet recipes from around the world, with everyone's favorite dishes.

Why frozen ready meals?

Chef Rusevel
Head Chef at Fatbroccoli

Due to freezing technique, we don't use any additives or preservatives. Extending Fatbroccoli products shelf life for one year. This will allow us mass production with conservation of all resources (zero waste) and easy export to surrounding countries.

How it works

Choose Product

Choose your meals & smoothies by item, or subscribe/cancel any time. We're flexible! Select from a variety of plant-based, chef-cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Fill your box

Put 5 meals in your box, and you will be covered for a week.

Receive your delivery

Fast frozen shipping in 100% recyclable packaging straight to your doorstep and across all continents, without any limitations.

Heat & eat

Store in your freezer. No chopping, cooking, or cleanup. Ready in just 7 minutes in the microwave or 30 minutes in the oven.

Channel of Sales


Supermarkets & Delivery Aggregators

Business to Business

Coffee shops, Hospitals, GYMS, Offices, Universities, Catering & Events, Airline

Business to Consumer

Online Orders & Meal Subscriptions

Vending Machines

All Across the U.A.E and mostly in crowded public & private locations

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