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Fatbroccoli Vending Machine (built-in microwave)

Introducing the first cashless -18°C freezer vending machine in the U.A.E, heating frozen ready meals in 3 to 5 minutes.

Fatbroccoli Vending Machine (exterior microwave)

Tempered glass anti-fog, and 20Kwh/day carbon foot print.

Fatbroccoli Smart Microwave

Our unique automated foodservice solution. A personalized experience with barcode scanning that is suitable for fresh, frozen and ambient foods. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

“Fatbroccoli local start-up company launches the first vending machine to serve ready-to-heat and eat meals in the U.A.E”

- Alkhaleej NEWS

Vending Machine Locations

24x7 self-service, located in crowded public & private locations.

In the Hospitals

In the Offices

In Schools & Universities

In the GYM

In Building Residentials

In the Airport

Fatbroccoli creates a unique tech platform that automates take-away and delivery solutions using advanced vending technology.

3. Connecting vending machines with delivery apps

Consider what personal computers did to typewriters, CDs did to cassette tapes, and MP3s did to CDs. We decided to step up our efforts to revamp vending machines.

We looked deeper at the entire end-to-end process to reengineer them. How can we lower operational costs and expenses and make the machines simpler and better as a retail instrument.

How vending delivery works

Works 24x7

With Most Popular Delivery Apps

Target Vending Products


Pet Food




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