High Calories in Drinks?!

High Calories in Drinks?!

If you are on your way to lose weight, you’ve got to burn more calories than you consume. Or make your best efforts consuming low-calories healthy food and forget to assess how many calories you may be drinking. Wait.. did we say drinking calories? 

Yes, that’s right.

When most of us think about our healthy eating habits we might forget about liquid calories.


They are simply drinks with high-calories. Especially like:

  • Soft drinks, like soda
  • Coffee with additions, like a Spanish latte
  • Ice tea, like an ice tea peach
  • Orange juice
  • Energy drink, like a Red Bull 
  • Isotonic drink, like a Gatorade

All of these drinks are no less than 60 calories - going up to 200 calories and more!

Wow! already forgot soft drinks, sodas, and fruit juices are really sweet, they’re loaded with sugar. But also how many high calories drinks are being consumed in addition to daily meals, adding to daily calorie intake like crazy!


Most of the times, liquid calories are often easier and quicker to consume. As easy as water, with taste. But we forget how much they are loaded with sugar. And the body does not feel the same fullness from a drink as it does from solid foods, right? Especially, living in a high temperature country keeps us consuming cold drinks to satisfy thirst. Oh we live in Dubai, and we know!


You should always drink water or unsweetened tea to satisfy your thirst. These have zero calories and rehydrate your body. When it’s hot outside, or you’re training intensely and you sweat a lot. You’re going to lose a lot of fluid. And you need them back.


We prefer to do it during breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the most important part is to calculate your daily liquid requirement. So here is a suggestion to follow:

      1. Naturally flavored water, or ‘infused water’ is the new trendy drink now. Fresh berries, ginger, lemon or cucumber slices and fresh herbs. The longer the fruit or vegetable sits in the water, the more intense the flavor will be.
      2. Homemade ice tea. Really why buy ice tea when it is so easy to make at home with no sugar?
      3. Make your own smoothies to-go, right at home. But remember that less is more! Often, all you need is four or five ingredients. Vegetables should always serve as the base of your smoothie. Some fruit, spices, superfood powder, and liquid (like water, coconut water, or almond milk) to round off your drink!

        Alternatively, check this easy solution: Ready to blend smoothies by Fatbroccoli. You throw everything into a blender, add liquid of your choice and you have something ready in under one minute, a tasty blended smoothie from your favorite flavors, 100% Natural, and a clear label on the package that will tell you how much calories you are consuming in one cup. These are definitely not your store-bought smoothies that contain a lot of sugar!


The impact of high-calorie drinks are often underestimated. But these liquid calories can really add up. Quench your thirst simply with water, and only indulge in high-calorie drinks once in a while. Most importantly, eat better - train better - and get the best nutrition tips by reading and discovering more to inspire a healthy and balanced diet.

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